The Indy Audio Labs team


R Santiago Casual2.jpg

Rick Santiago  Co-Founder & CEO

Rick Santiago is a co-founder of Indy Audio Labs and serves as Chief Executive Officer of the company.  Rick is responsible for the strategic vision, product development roadmap, new business development, and overall business leadership. Rick has more than 25 years experience both designing and leading the development of audio electronics products for both professional and consumer audio applications. His technical experience spans areas from electronics to acoustics, RF and digital signal processing. Rick is an inventor or co-inventor on four international patents and is an avid hobbyist in audio and music as a live sound engineer and as a semi-professional saxophonist.


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Ted Moore  Co-founder & CTO

Ted Moore is a co-founder of Indy Audio Labs and serves as Chief Technology Officer of the company.  Ted is responsible for product development strategy and execution as well as overall operational management. Ted brings more than 30 years experience in semiconductor manufacturing, consumer and industrial product development, and audio product development.  His technical background is in physics and he has significant consulting experience in product development management and financial modeling.  Ted is an inventor or co-inventor on three international patents and is an avid movie watcher with his family.


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Joe Land  Director of Engineering

Joe Land is Indy Audio Labs' Director of Engineering.  Joe has a true passion for all things audio and is responsible for electronics, acoustics, and software development at Indy Audio Labs.  Joe has been developing amplifiers, loudspeakers, and signal processing systems for more than fifteen years.  Joe was the recipient of the 2012 Eaton Award for Design Excellence from Purdue University.