Industry Reviews

Here's an up-to-date summary of some of the media coverage we've received about our exciting new products and company...


August 2012: "High-end Amplifiers Born in the USA"

Steve Guttenberg comments on his CNET blog "The Audiophiliac" about the new Aragon and Acurus revival going on at Indy Audio Labs.

Tone Audio

July 2012: "Acurus Returns - Welcome Back!"

Nice review and comments about our new A2002 from Tone Audio reviewer Todd Sageser and Publisher Jeff Dorgay. We're honored to receive one of their exclusive 2012 Exceptional Value Awards!

May 2009: "Aragon Making a Comeback"

As suggested in this article, Tone contributing editor Todd Sageser was the first "media member" to visit Indy Audio Labs in the early days when we were operating out of CEO Rick Santiago's basement.

Audioholics Online A/V Magaine

May 13, 2009: Aragon and Acurus Sold to Indy Audio Labs

Clint DeBoer covers the sell of Mondial's venerable Aragon and Acurus amplifier lines from Klipsch to startup Indy Audio Labs.

CE Pro

June 2012: "14 MUST-HAVE Products for Next Install"

The Acurus A2005 is named as one of CE Pro editors picks for Must-Have products for custom installation.

March 2012: "Acurus A2005 five-channel amplifier"

Rob Archer comments on the new A2005 and it's features including THX Ultra2 certification.

August 2012: "Indy Audio Labs to Launch 2 Aragon Brand amplifiers.

The highly regarded home theater market e-zine publishes our release of the Aragon IRIDIUM and 8002, both monoblock amplifiers.

May 13, 2009: "Klipsch Sells Aragon and Acurus Brands to Former Employees" covers our initial acquisition of Indy Audio Labs' core brands from Klipsch Speakers in 2009.

May 2012: "Acurus A2002 Power Amplifier"

First-ever online review of the Acurus A2002 by Frank Berryman. Great feedback from a writer with years of industry experience and critical set of ears!

CEA Visions

May 2012: Rick Santiago, CEO and Co-founder - Indy Audio Labs

In the Consumer Electronics Association's premier industry publication, Indy Audio Labs' Rick Santiago discusses the vision and mission of Indy Audio Labs and starting up during a recession.


May 2009: "Aragon and Acurus Revived"

In late 2008 we founded the company. In spring of 2009 we completed and announced the acquisition of the brands from Klipsch. This is the first article about the rebirth of Acurus (and Aragon).

Company News

March 2, 2011 - Indy Audio Labs Secures Funding, Locates in Purdue Research Park

April 27th 2009 - Indy Audio Labs acquires Acurus and Aragon brands from Klipsch 

December 8th 2008 - Ted Moore and Rick Santiago form Indy Audio Labs