Our Brands


In 2009, Indy Audio Labs purchased the Aragon and Acurus brands of 2-channel and home theater audio electronics.  Through the past 25 years, Aragon built a history of exceptional high-end performance at rugged reliability at an affordable price.  Acurus, originally introduced in 1993 as an even more affordable alternative to Aragon, became a popular brand allowing many consumers around the globe to step up from mass-market products to American-made high-end AV.  We've proudly re-introduced both brands to market in the form of new products. Our new Aragon and Acurus lines combine the best attributes of the original Mondial products with new technologies that elevate them to unparalleled value and performance.  Both brands are now made in Indiana, USA.


No-compromise amplifiers and pre-amp/processors achieving the pinnacle of audio purity and performance, delivering power, detail and authenticity in every performance.

Aragon is "science serving art in elegant simplicity"

“While the Aragon system is extremely powerful, its sound is all about nuance. Its resolution seems to be among the best…” (UltimateAVmag.com, 1984)


Aragon legacy (discontinued) product information


Amplifiers, pre-amp/processors and integrated audio solutions that bring compelling performances to the masses. Audiophile performance and features at a high-value, affordable price point.

Acurus is “accuracy from the US”…

“Neutral sound, faithful to the source; good control and stability; fuss-free in use; well priced” (Audiofile AV, 1998)


Acurus legacy (discontinued) product information