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Related Technologies

Let's chat here about related technologies to watch in areas such as computer networking, wireless, acoustics and anything else that makes for interesting and stimulating conversation...

Show Off Your Aragon or Acurus System

Finally, a site to show off your Aragon or Acurus gear in situ!  Let's see what you've got...

Under-the-hood Audio/Video Gear Topics

Here's where we talk ohms, watts, HDMI and RUs!  Not for the technologically faint-of-heart!

Artists and Media

Let's not forget that without the artists and media that create the performances we enjoy, our gear would be shelfware! Share your opinion on what's hot, what's not, and what sounds REALLY good with Aragon or Acurus electronics...  

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

What have you found to be good matching components for your Aragon and Acurus electronics? What loudspeakers work well? What about source units? Tell us about your control setup..

Test Drive

This is a test forum that's a sandbox for learning how to use our forum. It's sort of a free-for-all, but keep the sandbox clean.

Aragon and Acurus Legacy Products

This is a space to discuss the classic Aragon and Acurus products, experiences, questions and other related issues. (Please note: For support information regarding legacy products, visit either or directly.)