A while back "dminches" posted on our forum to ask several questions about The Soundstage.

  • I have calibrated my soundstage for DD and DTS using test tones and adjusting the levels of each of the speakers. When I listen to movie audio via the 5.1 analog inputs are these adjustments active or are they bypassed?
  • Also, what happens to the LFE signal coming into the soundstage via the analog inputs if you have configured the soundstage without a subwoofer.

A1: The Soundstage was designed to allow volume and channel balance to occur in the analog domain rather than in the DSP as is usually the case with most other processors.  Therefore, the channel balance setting should be in effect for even the multi-channel analog input.

A2: When configured for full-range speakers (no subwoofer), the Soundstage combines the LFE signal with signal to the full-range ("large") speakers in the analog domain.  I know this applies to an LFE source from the Soundstage DACs (from a digital source with LFE content).  I'm pretty sure the same applies to an analog LFE source.

Hope that helps!